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Hi, I'm Renée!

Nice to meet you

I’m the owner and dyer behind Spun Right Round, a small yarn company established in 2009. I specialize in hand-dyed speckled yarn in vibrant and unexpected color combinations. When I’m not dyeing yarn, I create playful illustrations for print and pattern design, adding a touch of whimsy to the world of crafting. Join me on this creative journey where I learn to tie my yarn and illustration into one big beautiful knot!

Get to know me

  • I graduated cosmetology school bald.
  • I dropped out of art school twice.
  • I fall up stairs.
  • Dogs AND cats forever!
  • Ghosts are real.
  • Spicy food is delicious.
  • I love documentaries and true crime.
  • I’m a serial houseplant killer.
  • Carnival prize collector.