Classic Sock - 5 Skein Combo - Electric Potion

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Classic Sock - 5 Skein Combo - Electric Potion


Classic Sock: 100% SW Merino - 4 Ply - 438 yards - 100 gram skein

Classic Sock Combo includes one skein each of:

Gypsy Wagon, Euphoria, Lost and Wandering, Hocus Pocus, Walk Like a Cat, Talk Like a Fish.

Pattern ideas for this combo include: Fading Point, Saturate Shawl and Dotted Rays just to name a few. All can be found on Ravelry and are available for purchase separately.

Due to the nature of the process, each skein is unique and each batch will vary in saturation and speckles.  This uniqueness is what makes hand dyed yarn so wonderful! Each kit is put together with care and skeins will be similar.

Wash in cool water and lay flat to dry. Although the skeins have been thoroughly rinsed after dyeing some bleeding may occur.

Sorry, we do not offer ball winding services at this time.

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