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Classic Sock

The Water's Fine

Get Off My Lawn

Lost and Wandering


Where is My Mind?

Kool Kids - ooak

Poolside Flamingo - ooak

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SW Sock 80/20

Part Werewolf - Shown in photo

Topsy Turvy

Combat Boots & Baby Doll Dresses

Motion in the Ocean

Secret Handshake

Tough Cookies


Dusty Roses

Sugar Pop Fizz


Squish DK


Dirty Denim

Bug Jar

Feathered Friends

Walk Like a Cat, Talk Like a Fish

Heart Eyes




Hand Dyed Fiber


Many have been asking whether we still dye fiber and the answer is typically "no". The dye studio is so much a yarn world these days but last week some time was made to dye up some fiber braids. In the past I used set recipes and made mostly repeatable colorways. At this time I'm predicting limited fiber updates and more one of a kind batches, using leftover dye stock. Once I work through the fiber on hand I do hope to bring in a SW Merino/Nylon blend.